Evangelism is Rising!

Knox Fellowship is passionate about evangelism rising in universities, graduates schools and seminaries through design and development of innovative approaches to equip a new generation of Christian leaders to lead evangelism in diverse ministry settings.

Knox Fellowship has forged strategic partnerships with Asbury Theological Seminary, Academy of Evangelism in Theological Education, Great Commission Research Network, Logos Bible Software , and digital publishing house, DOPPS, LLC.  Click on a link below to learn more about our evangelistic initiatives and our terrific colleagues who are enabling evangelism to rise.

Vision  To advance evangelism and apologetics throughout the church in the United States in concert with seminaries, denominations and local congregations. 

Goals  To collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals to set the conditions for a stronger more versatile Church.  We seek partnerships to act as catalysts for a new generation of leaders to master, to teach and to lead evangelism and apologetic ministries among congregations.  We strive to adapt, improvise, and thrive in the shifting cultural context here in the United States characterized by the diminishing Judeo-Christian orientation in the U.S.; the growing religious diversity accepted as the “norm”; rapidly growing segments self-identifying as non-Christians; and immigrant populations growing exponentially in some  major U.S. cities. 

Mission  To discover, develop, and deliver innovative evangelism tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to congregations in order to grow churches numerically and faithfully 


  • Help convince the critical mass of emerging Church Leaders of the primacy of evangelism in all they do and say.
  • Develop, document and deliver evangelism TTP’s for use by seminaries, denominations and local churches
  • Sensitize current church leaders at all levels and areas of ministry as to the primacy of evangelism and apologetics
  • Establish strategic partnerships with others wherever possible in order to accomplish our mission
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