Seeking for spring semester 2015

Knox Fellowship seeks two graduate students working together and attending the same seminary to validate, critique, and refine a proof of concept for a new Seminary Fellowship we call, “Student Cohort.” Knox Fellowship seeks a couple of self-starters who are highly collaborative; love Jesus; and will work on a part time basis 12 hours per week. There is a distinct possibility for follow on summer and fall work. Click on the Cohort tab to see the Proof of Concept and the proposed semester schedule. Click on the Jobs page to learn how to apply to become a Student Leader of Knox Fellowship Student Cohort.


To discover, develop, and deliver innovative evangelism tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) for congregations in order to grow churches numerically and faithfully.


The Rev Dr. Bob Pitman founded Knox Fellowship, a 501c3 corporation dedicated to advancing evangelism, in Burlingame, CA in 1991. Since then task organized Knox teams have conducted or financed over 600 evangelism events stateside and overseas. Presbyterian Church (USA) churches and presbyteries were hosts for most of these events while a variety of Reformed Churches hosted some 50 events in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Knox Fellowship has launched four immigrant church planting ministries in the United States: two Spanish; one Portuguese; one Nepalese. Knox Fellowship divided into two ministries in 2010: Knox conducts stateside evangelistic ministries while Global Fellowship Network (GFN), Lake Havasu City, AZ conducts strategic evangelistic ministries in Central and South America, East Africa and Nepal, and in Eastern Europe. GFN serves to enact on God’s requirement of the Church’s participation in missions, through the crossing of geographical and cultural borders, for the purpose of making Christ known amongst all nations (Acts 1:8). This work is done through the participation of regular Christians to assist with the diverse ministry needs of indigenous church leaders.

Meanwhile, Knox has experimented with various evangelistic strategies for the last five years. The Student Cohort concept is the latest in these efforts. Rev. Carl R. Lammers, Tampa, is Moderator. Reverends Paul Doriani (NY), J. Perry Wootten (NY), Tom Priest (CA), and Elder Art Greathead (CA) are current leaders on the board.