Conditioning the Soil

Churches have to win a reputation for service, caring, and outreach. Here are few activities that some churches are using to tend the soil:

  • Serve mothers of preschool children by offering free babysitting one or two days per week
  • Purchase and record radio advertisements
  • Host Christian concerts in public places near your church
  • Advertise and sponsor couples enrichment seminars at your church (make it free if possible)
  • Gain and maintain contact with funeral directors to offer assistance for those in need.
  • Outreach to depressed, addicted, and abused
  • Hold alternative Halloween celebration
  • Purchase movie theater ads
  • Start a bus ministry or carpooling for Sunday School students whose parents do not attend church
  • Host and promote a personal evangelism seminar
  • Canvass door to door around in the immediate neighborhood around your church to offer service and solicit feedback
  • Pass out a half pallet of Coca Colas in hot weather [Time: 1 or 2 hours]
  • Pass out cold water in hot weather [Time: 1 or 2 hours]
  • Pass out hot cocoa in cold weather [Time: 1 or 2 hours]
  • Clean windshields; leave a very small flyer with church info
  • Pass out local newspapers during morning commute
  • Offer free tutoring for elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Offer free tutoring for SAT, ACT, GED tests.
  • Finance a Christian concert
  • Finance Christian theme movies at the local theater
  • Wrap Christmas gifts for free at the local mall
  • Penetrate secular Easter celebrations through contributing Bible theme prizes
  • Saturate postal code at strategic times of the year
  • Gain and use elementary, middle school, and high school mailing lists at strategic times of years
  • Offer tuition free vacation bible schools and after school ministries.
  • Offer scholarships to summer camps.

Editorial: Jesus did not charge for preaching or healing; we kindly suggest you do likewise.

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