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Evangelism Training Modules:

Evangelism training modules we call Knox Fellowship (KF) Student Cohorts are designed by KF and Asbury Theological Seminary as co-curriculum or voluntary student fellowships. The first KF Student Cohorts at Asbury Theological Seminary are under the leadership of Professor Jay W. Moon and his graduate assistants, Rev. Irene Kabete and Rev. Tim Robbins.


is to explore, discover, and develop effective approaches to evangelism in a relaxed, collaborative, and friendly environment.


A KF Student Cohort, consisting of 15 students and faculty, synthesizes essential elements of academics, Bible study, discipleship, practical application and prayer fellowship. Aspects of Service Clubs are embraced such as shared meals with time limits (Rotary) and communication workshops (Toastmaster International) in a NO PRESSURE learn-by-doing atmosphere. The central focus is how to present Jesus. Each student gains confidence in communicating the Gospel in a variety of circumstances (home, school, work, public settings) and people with different faith backgrounds (fallen away Christians, agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Hindus and those we now call “nones” as in no religious preference.

Each student gains confidence in communicating the Gospel in a variety of circumstances. Specifically, this means that through weekly observation role-play conversation (based on advance preparation) and accompanied by peer feedback, each student will have gained in the following areas:

  1. Pre-evangelism conversation skills and sharing personal testimonies

  2. Growth in the conversation, listening skills, and asking listening-based questions

  3. Use of humor to enhance a conversation.

  4. Learning how to assess the person’s worldview to make an effective gospel presentation

  5. Growth in discernment and insights

Project Status

Third semester of trials are complete. Funding for a fourth and fifth semester is required.

Strategic Goal

Plant scores of KF Student Cohorts across the United States. Raise up a new generation of students, better equipped Christian leader by advancing:

  • Personal development and interpersonal skills

  • Missional leaders for a missional church

  • Leadership across four key behaviors

    • Problem solving

    • Results orientation

    • Embracing alternative perspectives

    • Supporting colleagues

  • Strengthened and deepened Christology

Financial Commitment Needed 

Knox Fellowship sustains the first Student Cohort at Asbury Theological Seminary. Will you help us plant another? The average cost of a Student Cohort is $2000.00 per semester.

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