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Knox provides scholarships to interested qualified students to attend evangelism conferences which bring together diverse persons with a passion for evangelism including church planters, professors, pastors, missionaries and evangelists. These evangelism conferences are intra-denominational and inter-cultural with keen focus on the theology and practice of evangelism in the 21st century.



Knox Fellowship intends:

  • to expose emerging church leaders to innovative approaches to evangelism for use by local churches, seminaries, denominations;

  • to sensitize emerging church leaders at all levels and areas of ministry as to the primacy of the art and science of evangelism;

  • to establish strategic partnerships with graduate students wherever possible in order to accomplish our mission of advancing evangelism


One conference is held by the Great Commission Research Network (GCRN) held at Asbury Theological Seminary in October 2017. GCRN is an international community committed to helping local churches expand their participation in the Missio Dei through effective disciple-making. This network is comprised of researchers, lay persons, denominational leaders and pastors who share insights, examine case studies, hear from thought leaders and network with cutting-edge practitioners.

The Academy of Evangelism in Theological Education (AETE) is another conference which Knox Fellowship attends and promotes which also brings together a diverse audience from across the nation. AETE alternates between Wheaton College and University of Northwestern year-to-year. AETE will meet at Wheaton College in June, 2017. The purpose of the AETE is to facilitate the teaching of evangelism, which includes sharing teaching ideas and methods, the introduction of new resources and trends in the discipline and ministry of evangelism, and the fostering of scholarly research in evangelism which leads to changes in practice and discipline of evangelism. Knox Fellowship’s unique contribution to AETE is a laser focus on the practical aspects of evangelism which fosters the growth of missional pastors to lead missional churches.

Project Status

We have identified interested students. We are waiting funding.

Strategic Goal


Develop a generation of missional leaders for a missional church in the 21st century through promotion of the following:

  • Shift congregations to an all-purpose missionary posture

  • Equip members to share their faith outside church walls

  • Build compassion for lost sheep

  • Express kingdom values

  • Address justice and social compassion issues with each new person encountered

Financial Commitment Needed 

The average cost to enable a student to one of these conferences is $600.00. Would you help us bring more students to a once in a lifetime experience so they can learn from the leaders in the field of evangelism?

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